12/02/2020Misc (Executive Session)5 MB
11/30/2020Misc (Executive Session)3 MB
11/24/2020Misc (City County)82 MB
11/10/2020Misc (Executive Session)1 MB
11/05/2020Misc (Executive Session)2 MB
11/04/2020Misc (Executive Session)1 MB
11/04/2020Misc (Executive Session Part 1)1 MB
10/27/2020Misc (City County)82 MB
10/21/2020Misc (Executive Session)1 MB
10/20/2020Misc (Executive Session)1 MB
10/14/2020Misc (Executive Session)3 MB
09/24/2020Misc (Executive Session)2 MB
09/22/2020Misc (City County)83 MB
08/25/2020Misc (City County)78 MB
07/28/2020Misc (City County)83 MB
07/02/2020Admin28 MB
06/24/2020Misc (Board Business Meeting)37 MB
06/23/2020Misc (City County)92 MB
03/12/2020Admin26 MB
03/12/2020Misc (Emergency Public Health)83 MB
03/10/2020Legal6 MB
03/10/2020General65 MB
03/03/2020Legal5 MB
03/03/2020General83 MB
02/27/2020Admin80 MB
02/25/2020Legal83 MB
02/25/2020Misc (City County)21 MB
02/20/2020Admin26 MB
02/19/2020Misc (Board Business)42 MB
02/18/2020Legal35 MB
02/18/2020General31 MB
02/13/2020Admin37 MB
02/11/2020Legal27 MB
02/11/2020General35 MB
02/04/2020Legal62 MB
02/04/2020General40 MB
02/04/2020Misc (General Discussion PM)95 MB
01/30/2020Admin76 MB
01/28/2020Legal26 MB
01/28/2020Misc (City County Monthly Update)81 MB
01/23/2020Admin36 MB
01/21/2020Legal70 MB
01/21/2020General41 MB
01/16/2020Admin35 MB
01/14/2020General23 MB
01/09/2020Admin39 MB
01/08/2020WBS15 MB
01/07/2020Legal21 MB
01/07/2020General40 MB
12/19/2019Admin52 MB
12/17/2019Legal17 MB
12/17/2019General55 MB
12/12/2019Admin39 MB
12/11/2019Legal59 MB
12/10/2019General39 MB
12/05/2019Admin28 MB
12/03/2019Legal29 MB
11/26/2019Admin11 MB
11/26/2019Misc (City County)82 MB
11/14/2019Admin55 MB
11/12/2019Misc (Executive Session)6 MB
11/07/2019Admin59 MB
11/05/2019Legal27 MB
11/05/2019General38 MB
11/01/2019General90 MB
10/31/2019Admin56 MB
10/29/2019Legal81 MB
10/29/2019General51 MB
10/24/2019Admin69 MB
10/22/2019Legal56 MB
10/22/2019Misc (City County Update)73 MB
10/17/2019Admin33 MB
10/16/2019General24 MB
10/15/2019General25 MB
10/10/2019Admin28 MB
10/08/2019Legal40 MB
10/08/2019General92 MB
10/07/2019General27 MB
10/03/2019Admin65 MB
10/02/2019General29 MB
10/01/2019Legal59 MB
10/01/2019General38 MB
09/24/2019Misc (City County)88 MB
09/23/2019General34 MB
09/17/2019Legal45 MB
09/17/2019Admin28 MB
09/12/2019Admin56 MB
09/10/2019Legal62 MB
09/05/2019Admin57 MB
09/03/2019Legal25 MB
09/03/2019General62 MB
08/29/2019Admin42 MB
08/27/2019Legal45 MB
08/27/2019Misc (City County)21 MB
08/20/2019Legal17 MB
08/16/2019Misc (Executive Session)2 MB
08/13/2019Legal57 MB
08/09/2019Misc (Executive Session)0 MB
08/08/2019Admin24 MB
08/06/2019Legal30 MB
08/06/2019General39 MB
08/01/2019Admin42 MB
07/30/2019Legal41 MB
07/23/2019Legal90 MB
07/23/2019Misc (City County)71 MB
07/18/2019Admin25 MB
07/09/2019Legal69 MB
07/09/2019General48 MB
07/02/2019Legal66 MB
07/02/2019General63 MB
06/27/2019Admin30 MB
06/25/2019Misc (City County Update)74 MB
06/20/2019Admin78 MB
06/13/2019Admin26 MB
06/13/2019Misc (Executive Session)1 MB
06/11/2019Legal75 MB
06/11/2019General27 MB
06/06/2019Admin24 MB
06/05/2019Misc (4H Extension Service District Budget Hearing and Adoption)11 MB
06/04/2019Legal60 MB
06/04/2019General73 MB
06/04/2019Misc (Executive Session)1 MB
05/30/2019Misc (City County)94 MB
05/28/2019Legal50 MB
05/23/2019Admin26 MB
05/21/2019Legal29 MB
05/21/2019General52 MB
05/20/2019Misc (4H Extension Svc District)59 MB
05/16/2019Admin51 MB
05/14/2019Legal11 MB
05/14/2019General22 MB
05/10/2019Misc (Executive Session)3 MB
05/09/2019Admin60 MB
05/07/2019Legal45 MB
05/07/2019General70 MB
04/30/2019Legal31 MB
04/25/2019Admin73 MB
04/23/2019Legal37 MB
04/23/2019Misc (City County)92 MB
04/18/2019Admin77 MB
04/16/2019Legal45 MB
04/16/2019Misc (4HExtension Service District Budget Committee)28 MB
04/09/2019Legal30 MB
04/09/2019General62 MB
04/04/2019General34 MB
04/04/2019Admin67 MB
04/03/2019Misc (Goal Setting Debriefing )1 MB
04/02/2019Legal94 MB
03/28/2019Admin88 MB
03/26/2019Legal29 MB
03/26/2019Misc (City County Update)94 MB
03/21/2019Admin52 MB
03/19/2019Legal29 MB
03/14/2019Admin27 MB
03/13/2019Misc (Goal Debriefing)38 MB
03/12/2019Legal9 MB
03/12/2019General87 MB
03/05/2019Legal11 MB
03/05/2019General28 MB
02/28/2019Admin28 MB
02/27/2019General80 MB
02/26/2019Legal38 MB
02/26/2019Misc (City County)82 MB
02/19/2019Legal81 MB
02/19/2019General50 MB
02/13/2019Legal45 MB
02/07/2019Admin41 MB
02/05/2019Legal69 MB
02/05/2019General79 MB
01/31/2019Admin65 MB
01/29/2019Legal28 MB
01/29/2019General25 MB
01/24/2019General35 MB
01/24/2019Admin29 MB
01/22/2019Legal22 MB
01/22/2019General25 MB
01/17/2019Admin51 MB
01/15/2019Legal9 MB
01/15/2019General52 MB
01/10/2019Admin24 MB
01/08/2019Legal55 MB
01/08/2019General92 MB
01/03/2019Admin84 MB
12/20/2018Legal26 MB
12/20/2018Admin33 MB
12/06/2018Admin33 MB
11/29/2018General28 MB
11/29/2018Admin64 MB
11/27/2018Legal28 MB
11/27/2018Misc (City County Update)92 MB
11/19/2018Legal59 MB
11/08/2018Admin44 MB
11/06/2018Legal31 MB
11/06/2018General28 MB
11/01/2018Admin36 MB
11/01/2018Misc (4H Extension Svc)6 MB
10/30/2018Legal39 MB
10/30/2018General82 MB
10/30/2018Misc (General 830am)36 MB
10/25/2018General31 MB
10/25/2018Admin82 MB
10/23/2018Legal87 MB
10/23/2018Misc (City County)84 MB
10/18/2018Admin27 MB
10/16/2018Legal45 MB
10/16/2018General72 MB
10/09/2018Legal69 MB
10/04/2018Admin44 MB
10/02/2018Legal11 MB
09/27/2018Admin31 MB
09/25/2018Legal66 MB
09/25/2018Misc (City County Update)78 MB
09/20/2018Admin83 MB
09/18/2018Legal7 MB
09/18/2018General44 MB
09/13/2018Admin50 MB
09/11/2018Legal19 MB
09/06/2018Misc (SmartMeter)87 MB
09/06/2018Misc (Allocation of SRS Funds)51 MB
09/04/2018Legal30 MB
09/04/2018General73 MB
08/30/2018General38 MB
08/30/2018Admin38 MB
08/28/2018General70 MB
08/28/2018Misc (City County Update)25 MB
08/27/2018Misc (Executive Session)2 MB
08/23/2018Admin36 MB
08/21/2018Legal50 MB
08/21/2018General11 MB
08/16/2018Admin75 MB
08/14/2018Legal57 MB
08/14/2018General56 MB
08/09/2018Admin33 MB
08/07/2018Legal26 MB
08/07/2018General32 MB
08/02/2018Admin47 MB
07/26/2018Admin35 MB
07/24/2018Legal64 MB
07/24/2018Misc (City County Update)83 MB
07/19/2018Admin37 MB
07/17/2018Legal68 MB
07/17/2018General83 MB
07/12/2018Admin67 MB
07/10/2018Legal37 MB
07/10/2018Admin84 MB
06/28/2018General33 MB
06/28/2018Admin89 MB
06/27/2018Legal73 MB
06/27/2018Misc (4H Extension Service District)13 MB
06/26/2018Misc (City County Update)82 MB
06/21/2018Admin87 MB
06/19/2018Misc (General and Legal)29 MB
06/14/2018Admin36 MB
06/14/2018Misc (4H Extension Svc District)11 MB
06/13/2018Legal79 MB
06/12/2018Admin33 MB
06/07/2018Admin41 MB
06/05/2018Legal65 MB
06/05/2018General78 MB
05/31/2018Admin38 MB
05/30/2018Misc (Executive Session open session)2 MB
05/29/2018Legal64 MB
05/29/2018General88 MB
05/23/2018Misc (4H Extension Svc District)39 MB
05/22/2018Legal22 MB
05/22/2018General45 MB
05/22/2018Misc (CityCounty Update)29 MB
05/15/2018Legal19 MB
05/10/2018Admin32 MB
05/08/2018Legal18 MB
05/03/2018Admin31 MB
05/01/2018Legal34 MB
05/01/2018General34 MB
04/26/2018Legal36 MB
04/26/2018General30 MB
04/26/2018Admin33 MB
04/23/2018Misc (4H Extension Svc District)12 MB
04/19/2018Admin39 MB
04/17/2018Legal60 MB
04/17/2018General95 MB
04/12/2018Admin44 MB
04/10/2018Legal19 MB
04/10/2018General72 MB
03/29/2018Admin55 MB
03/27/2018Legal45 MB
03/27/2018Misc (City County Update)69 MB
03/22/2018General32 MB
03/20/2018Legal25 MB
03/20/2018General44 MB
03/15/2018Admin36 MB
03/14/2018General20 MB
03/13/2018Legal59 MB
03/13/2018General89 MB
02/27/2018Misc (CityCounty Workshop)48 MB
02/22/2018Admin72 MB
02/20/2018Legal29 MB
02/20/2018General40 MB
02/15/2018General88 MB
02/15/2018Admin41 MB
02/13/2018Legal61 MB
02/08/2018Admin39 MB
01/31/2018Admin40 MB
01/30/2018Legal45 MB
01/30/2018General82 MB
01/25/2018Admin60 MB
01/25/2018Misc (Admin Part 2)54 MB
01/23/2018Misc (City County Update)28 MB
01/18/2018Admin46 MB
01/18/2018Misc (Admin Part 2)13 MB
01/16/2018Legal42 MB
01/11/2018General64 MB
01/11/2018Admin42 MB
01/09/2018Legal30 MB
01/04/2018General66 MB
01/04/2018Admin57 MB
01/02/2018Legal76 MB
01/02/2018General40 MB
12/14/2017Admin50 MB
12/07/2017Admin45 MB
12/05/2017Legal47 MB
11/30/2017Admin41 MB
11/28/2017Legal47 MB
11/28/2017General83 MB
11/09/2017Admin52 MB
11/07/2017General32 MB
10/31/2017Legal61 MB
10/26/2017General84 MB
10/26/2017Admin26 MB
10/24/2017Legal84 MB
10/19/2017Admin57 MB
10/17/2017Legal59 MB
10/16/2017Misc (Land Use Hearing)16 MB
10/12/2017Admin35 MB
10/10/2017General37 MB
10/05/2017Admin50 MB
10/04/2017WBS29 MB
10/03/2017Legal17 MB
10/03/2017General33 MB
09/28/2017General55 MB
09/28/2017Admin53 MB
09/27/2017WBS39 MB
09/26/2017Legal28 MB
09/26/2017General63 MB
09/26/2017Misc (Legal No 2)0 MB
09/26/2017Misc (Executive Session Open Session)1 MB
09/20/2017General19 MB
09/20/2017Admin35 MB
09/19/2017Legal11 MB
09/14/2017Admin67 MB
09/12/2017General55 MB
09/07/2017Admin58 MB
09/06/2017WBS65 MB
09/05/2017Legal38 MB
09/05/2017General70 MB
08/31/2017Admin78 MB
08/30/2017Misc (City County Update)43 MB
08/29/2017Legal23 MB
08/24/2017Admin53 MB
08/23/2017Legal46 MB
08/16/2017General57 MB
08/16/2017Admin62 MB
08/16/2017WBS48 MB
08/15/2017General74 MB
08/10/2017Admin79 MB
08/09/2017Legal85 MB
08/09/2017Misc (Executive Session Open Session)1 MB
08/08/2017General41 MB
08/08/2017Misc (General 9 am)92 MB
08/03/2017Admin53 MB
08/02/2017WBS61 MB
08/01/2017Legal16 MB
08/01/2017General64 MB
07/31/2017Misc (Land Use Terrell)75 MB
07/27/2017WBS53 MB
07/27/2017Misc (Executive Open Session)1 MB
07/20/2017Admin50 MB
07/19/2017WBS58 MB
07/18/2017General45 MB
07/18/2017Misc (CityCounty)63 MB
07/13/2017Admin76 MB
07/06/2017General50 MB
07/06/2017Admin58 MB
07/06/2017WBS30 MB
06/29/2017Admin85 MB
06/28/2017WBS44 MB
06/26/2017Misc (Land Use Brothers)37 MB
06/22/2017General53 MB
06/22/2017Admin33 MB
06/21/2017WBS76 MB
06/20/2017General48 MB
06/15/2017Admin64 MB
06/14/2017WBS19 MB
06/13/2017General61 MB
06/08/2017Admin91 MB
06/06/2017General81 MB
06/02/2017Misc (Brimstone)3 MB
06/01/2017Admin49 MB
05/31/2017WBS18 MB
05/30/2017Legal11 MB
05/30/2017General37 MB
05/18/2017Admin69 MB
05/17/2017WBS38 MB
05/16/2017General32 MB
05/15/2017Misc (Brimstone Land Use)63 MB
05/11/2017General61 MB
05/11/2017Admin74 MB
05/10/2017WBS33 MB
05/04/2017Admin67 MB
05/03/2017WBS28 MB
05/02/2017Legal5 MB
05/02/2017General37 MB
04/27/2017Admin22 MB
04/26/2017WBS47 MB
04/25/2017Legal15 MB
04/20/2017Admin20 MB
04/18/2017WBS50 MB
04/18/2017Misc (City County)18 MB
04/17/2017General21 MB
04/13/2017Admin32 MB
04/12/2017WBS34 MB
04/11/2017Legal10 MB
04/06/2017General12 MB
04/06/2017Admin28 MB
04/05/2017WBS48 MB
04/04/2017Legal22 MB
04/04/2017General16 MB
04/04/2017Misc (Legal 2)1 MB
03/24/2017General19 MB
03/23/2017Admin20 MB
03/22/2017WBS57 MB
03/21/2017Legal9 MB
03/21/2017General27 MB
03/21/2017Misc (Dog Hearing)16 MB
03/20/2017General6 MB
03/20/2017Misc (General Discussion 2)6 MB
03/16/2017Admin14 MB
03/15/2017General17 MB
03/15/2017WBS44 MB
03/14/2017General26 MB
03/09/2017General20 MB
03/09/2017Admin56 MB
03/08/2017General58 MB
03/08/2017WBS34 MB
03/01/2017WBS27 MB
02/28/2017General5 MB
02/23/2017General6 MB
02/22/2017General5 MB
02/22/2017WBS42 MB
02/21/2017Legal1 MB
02/21/2017General6 MB
02/15/2017Admin5 MB
02/15/2017WBS32 MB
02/14/2017General3 MB
02/14/2017Misc (Legal Update)1 MB
02/14/2017Misc (LE Summit)7 MB
02/09/2017Admin7 MB
02/08/2017General7 MB
02/08/2017WBS87 MB
02/07/2017General5 MB
02/06/2017General11 MB
02/06/2017Misc (Land Use)81 MB
02/02/2017Admin9 MB
02/01/2017WBS33 MB
01/30/2017Misc (LU Part 3)63 MB
01/30/2017Misc (LU Part 2)64 MB
01/30/2017Misc (LU Part 1)88 MB
01/26/2017Admin67 MB
01/25/2017WBS78 MB
01/24/2017General60 MB
01/18/2017Misc (WBS Part 2)5 MB
01/18/2017WBS32 MB
01/17/2017General4 MB
01/13/2017General0 MB
01/12/2017General5 MB
01/12/2017Admin13 MB
01/10/2017General12 MB
01/09/2017Misc (Findings of Fact)0 MB
01/06/2017General9 MB
01/05/2017General7 MB
01/05/2017WBS14 MB
12/15/2016Admin9 MB
12/08/2016Admin11 MB
12/06/2016General2 MB
12/01/2016Admin11 MB
11/22/2016WBS42 MB
11/17/2016Admin5 MB
11/16/2016WBS53 MB
11/15/2016General4 MB
11/10/2016Admin16 MB
11/09/2016General4 MB
11/08/2016General9 MB
11/03/2016Admin9 MB
11/02/2016WBS31 MB
11/01/2016General6 MB
11/01/2016Misc (City County)7 MB
10/27/2016Admin4 MB
10/26/2016WBS15 MB
10/25/2016General2 MB
10/20/2016Admin16 MB
10/19/2016WBS49 MB
10/18/2016Misc (City County)13 MB
10/13/2016Admin16 MB
10/12/2016WBS29 MB
10/11/2016General6 MB
10/06/2016General1 MB
10/06/2016Admin7 MB
10/05/2016WBS24 MB
10/04/2016General8 MB
09/29/2016Admin11 MB
09/28/2016WBS40 MB
09/21/2016WBS43 MB
09/15/2016Admin8 MB
09/14/2016WBS59 MB
09/13/2016General5 MB
09/08/2016General11 MB
09/08/2016Admin14 MB
09/07/2016WBS23 MB
09/06/2016General3 MB
09/01/2016General8 MB
09/01/2016Admin13 MB
08/31/2016WBS45 MB
08/26/2016General8 MB
08/25/2016Admin9 MB
08/24/2016WBS15 MB
08/18/2016Admin10 MB
08/17/2016WBS76 MB
08/16/2016General5 MB
08/11/2016Admin13 MB
08/10/2016WBS53 MB
08/04/2016Admin10 MB
08/03/2016WBS55 MB
08/03/2016Misc (Dog Hearing)4 MB
08/02/2016General7 MB
07/28/2016Admin9 MB
07/27/2016WBS51 MB
07/26/2016General6 MB
07/21/2016Admin11 MB
07/20/2016WBS46 MB
07/19/2016General13 MB
07/18/2016Misc (Land Use Pt 2)5 MB
07/18/2016Misc (Land Use Pt 1)79 MB
07/14/2016Admin10 MB
07/13/2016General7 MB
07/13/2016WBS2 MB
07/12/2016General6 MB
07/07/2016Admin14 MB
07/06/2016WBS25 MB
06/30/2016Admin10 MB
06/29/2016WBS30 MB
06/23/2016Admin6 MB
06/22/2016WBS20 MB
06/16/2016Admin9 MB
06/15/2016WBS24 MB
06/14/2016General5 MB
06/14/2016Misc (Wolf Creek Marijuana Town Hall)9 MB
06/09/2016Admin6 MB
06/08/2016WBS56 MB
06/02/2016General6 MB
06/02/2016Admin10 MB
06/01/2016WBS73 MB
05/31/2016General7 MB
05/31/2016Misc (General AM)7 MB
05/26/2016Admin10 MB
05/25/2016WBS58 MB
05/24/2016General5 MB
05/19/2016Admin12 MB
05/18/2016WBS17 MB
05/17/2016General2 MB
05/17/2016Misc (General PM Meeting)7 MB
05/12/2016Admin8 MB
05/11/2016WBS46 MB
05/05/2016General4 MB
05/05/2016Admin7 MB
05/04/2016WBS21 MB
05/03/2016Misc (4HExtension)3 MB